12 top red hair color ideas to inspire you

Red is a color that fascinates and pleases all the more because it is naturally rare. Many women, then eager to enjoy the attributes of freckles, inevitably orient themselves towards a color that will give them them. Contrary to what one might think, the word red, refers to a palette of colors and various shades. For example, auburn, or even sparkling orange are both shades included in the definition of red. It is therefore necessary to take into account the natural complexion of your skin in order to determine which shade of red would suit you best.

Red, a color that is not very daring and yet of rare nobility and elegance

It is interesting to note that the color of your eyes has little impact on the coloring you will put on your hair, if it is red. This observation is the perfect opposite of that which can be made for other hair colors, for which the color of the eyes plays a determining role in the final appearance. The reason is simple, the luminosity of the red, is halfway between the dark and the light, and therefore all the colors of the eyes, position themselves harmoniously vis-a-vis the red.

How to apply red hair color to your hair

In fact, it is not impossible to apply a flamboyant red with dark tones. You just have to go through an intermediate step of bleaching the hair. In reality, it is necessary to eliminate the dark pigments and then replace them with the red pigments. For discoloration, it is essential to go through a professional and therefore to go through a professional to finalize the application of the color so that it is homogeneous and that it expresses all of its potential. It is essential to closely monitor your hair color once applied. In fact, it is generally quite fragile. It thus becomes necessary to invest in a range of shampoos and treatments in order to keep the color all its shine.

Redhead, freckles and blue eyes

This young woman is a ravishing beauty, also note the simply sublime assortment between the freckles and the clarity of the blue of her eyes. Here the magnificently sported auburn red highlights the fine features of the face and vice versa. A real symbiosis takes place on this angelic face.

Redhead on long hair, a look of Vikings in the air

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From a foreign perspective, this woman has all the features of a Viking bride. Her white dress, her facial features and especially her long red hair characteristic of these regions. The main feature of this young and lovely young lady is the alliance of two extremely rare properties of hair. Firstly their red color as well as their length which rarely exceeds a certain threshold. This lady, combines the transgression of these two standards making her appearance something comparable to the divine.

Sparkling orange carry the sun where you go

The sparkling orange hue brings a certain luminosity to your appearance, especially if your complexion is naturally fair. This cliché is the proof in images that the color of the eyes is not particularly taken into account when it comes to red coloring. It is just as much proof of the importance of skin tone. Here the red, of the young lady deploys its splendor because it is presented on a clear complexion. The lip color of a soft pinkish and plump also plays a role in this case.

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Note also the coloring of the eyebrows with the same shade. The eyelashes here are obviously spared, their preponderance in the general appearance being negligible. It is also wise to mention that the slight variations in skin tone across the face, in particular in the area of ​​the cheekbones or even at the end of the nose, amplify the aesthetic aspect of the final result as regards the application of this color on this charming young girl.

A slightly lighter shade of sparkling orange than the previous one

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This shade one tone above the previous one adds even more sparkle to the face and overall appearance. We will note the preponderance of the importance of the complexion of the skin, which in the case of orange, which is a light shade, must necessarily show an equivalent clarity so that the result is admirable. It is also amusing to notice that the braids are not without playing a role in the enhancement of the color and the general natural charm of the young lady who makes us the pleasure to pose with her magnificent color and dazzle us.

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