12 Plants you can grow in a cup

Having plants in small pots has become very popular, especially when it comes to cups.

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Here are some low -maintenance plants that you can easily grow in cups.

1- Zebra Plant

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It is a slow-growing plant, usually does not exceed 15 cm in height, place it indoors near a window and outside in partial shade. Avoid overwatering.

2- Immortelle

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It is a plant that grows in a rosette and its ability to store water in its leaves allows it to be drought tolerant, making it easy to care for, especially if you forget to water it. Growing them in neutral-colored cups will help them blend in with any décor.

3- Cacti

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Cacti are one of the best options if you are thinking of using coffee or tea cups as cute pots. This is because they are very easy to grow; They do not require watering in good weather, but like all plants they will need water to live. Wait for it to dry between watering and watering.

4- Sedeveria

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It can be cultivated like aloe vera. All you need is a sunny window and occasional water, but be sure to protect it from frost. Place them in decorated cups that you do not use, or give them your own touch with some details.

5- Golden Sedum

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It is a plant native to Mexico. You will need nothing more than sun and a little water occasionally, making it one of the easiest to care for. In addition, its red and orange rims make it another good option to display on mugs.

6- Snake Plant

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It is one of the best known and cultivated as an indoor plant, since it can adapt to environments in which other plants would not survive. For example, poor light and lack of watering or transplanting.

7- Aromatic herbs

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In addition to small succulents, you can use cups for basil, mint, oregano, rosemary, etc. You can also put labels on the front to write the names. Add river rocks to the bottom of the bowl, this will help with drainage.

8- Jade Tree

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This plant grows slowly, so it will stay small longer. In addition, there are other varieties that will also look good in mugs.

9- Bunny Ear Cactus

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It is another option for your cup pots, as it is attractive, and of course, quite easy to care for. Do not forget that you can use decorated cups or be creative by painting them and adding details.

10- Echeveria

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Place it in a cool and bright place, that is, where it can receive a lot of sun in the morning and indirect light the rest of the day.

11- Living stones

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It is a super interesting option, it is about Lithops. They are found in a variety of colors that allow them to blend in with their surroundings. The most important thing is watering, keep the soil slightly moist and avoid over watering. Requires indirect sunlight or plenty of light.

12- Succulent Mix

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You need rocks, soil for cacti or succulents, a cup of tea, succulents and decorations of your choice. Succulents don’t like to be wet, so rocks are important, as well as special soil will help.

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