12 Ingenious Ideas to Take Advantage of Space in Your Kitchen

One of the most common problems that we face when having our house is the spaces and the organization . If you have a small kitchen you will surely understand how difficult it is to keep it organized and have everything at hand. Check out these ideas to make the most of your space .

Take advantage of small spaces .

1 19

Separate your dishes.

2 11

Use magnetic caps.

3 11

Hang your cutlery on the walls.

4 11

Use a drawer to store spices.

5 11

Organize your pans.

7 10

With magnetic lids, place your spices on the wall of the refrigerator.

8 10

Use spacers to find your pans faster.

9 10

Store your tuppers in a drawer and separate the lids.

10 10

Hang your pot lids in the pantry.

11 9

Organize your dishes and use the doors to hang utensils.

12 7

Take advantage of your walls.

13 5

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