12 Incredible Ideas to Decorate the Staircase

Take note of these original and modern ideas for decorating stairs in houses or apartments. All these ideas stand out for having minimalist and basic designs, adapting to any size of staircase.

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The use of materials such as wood, glass or steel, manage to create perfect lines for those spaces where modern and elegant environments predominate. If your staircase is an important piece in the decoration of your home and you want it to stand out, be inspired by all these images so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and budget.

Beautiful wooden staircase and glass railing.

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Wooden stairs with wooden wall.

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Wooden stairs and metal railing.

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Wooden staircase and railing with wooden bars.

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Wooden stairs, metal railing and wooden wall.

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Wooden stairs and metal tube railing.

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Staircase with wooden steps and glass railing.

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Wooden staircase, metal railing and brick wallpaper wall.

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Ladder and concrete pot with green plants.

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Nice concrete staircase with wooden steps.

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Wooden staircase and glass wall.

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Ladder with wooden steps and black wooden wall.

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