12 Ideas to decorate the backyard of your house

The backyard in a space that we seldom take advantage of, that is why in this article we will show you some ideas to decorate it.

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Do not hesitate to make the most of your patio, you can do it by decorating it with a simple landscaping or with a more elaborate project, including furniture and creating a nice rest area.

Boxes for planting small gardens

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Pots hung on a wooden wall shelf

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Ornamental bricks to support the pots

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Colored pots hanging from supports with strings

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White stones for easy maintenance

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A shady corner with a wooden sofa

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Light wires to make the patio look good at night

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Pots of different sizes with green plants

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Wooden pergola for climbing plants

9 6

Fountain to relax with the sound of water

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Hammock to have a nice rest area

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Pots hanging on a fence with colorful flowers

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