12 Fruit trees that you can grow in pots

Fruit lovers dream of having their own food at home, but to plant an apple or orange tree, for example, you need a garden with a lot of soil.

This ” statement ” is not entirely correct, today we want to give you some room for maneuver or details along the way so that you can plant your fruit trees with large species in pots.

Next, we show you some fruit trees that you can have in a pot without problems.

1- Peach

1 60

Plant in early spring, after the first frosts, or in fall. Another option is to germinate peach seeds to preserve your tree. Pot size : 45 cm wide.

2- Pear

2 54

It adapts to many climates, although it likes humidity better. It resists the cold quite well, although not so much the heat. Pot size : 45 cm wide.

3- Apple tree

3 40

Although it becomes much smaller in a pot, its fruits grow just as large, so you can have apples in small spaces.

4- Lemon tree


It does not need excessive care and allows you to enjoy the taste of lemons that you have rarely tasted. It needs a slightly acidic soil, for which you can add a loam base to the substrate.

5- Blackcurrants


Mix several handfuls of sand into the compost and place the tree in the sun. To make them sprout from the ground , plant them about 6 cm below the soil mark of the original container. Pot size : 45 – 50 cm wide.

6- Blueberries

6 14

They need an acidic soil ( heather mixture without peat ). Place it in a sheltered but sunny spot. Pot size : 30 cm.

7- Cherries


Cherry trees have many flowers in spring, fruit in summer and shiny leaves in autumn. Sweet varieties need sun, while tart cherries are more shade tolerant. They have shallow roots, so they should be well watered in the first year and in any dry season. Pot size : 60 cm wide.

8- Strawberries

8 9

When grown in pots it does not spread widely, resulting in better fruit production.

To grow strawberries it is necessary to use tall pots so that the plant can fall from the sides. You can have the pot near a well-lit window.

9- Figs

9 7

Figs are perfect for containers, as they bear best fruit when there is limited growth. Put it in a warm and sunny place. Pot size : 35 – 45 cm wide.

10- Gooseberries


They thrive best in a sunny and sheltered place, although they bear little fruit in the shade. Leave space around the pot to ensure good air circulation. Pot size : 30 cm wide.

11- Calamondin Orange


These trees produce small sour oranges to eat raw, but you can make a delicious tangy jam.

It is the only citrus that can survive indoors. It can even be grown indoors year-round.

12- Pomegranate


It is easy to grow in a pot because it has a shallow root system compared to other fruit trees. In addition, it is resistant to cold.

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