12 Creative Projects with Wine Bottle Corks

If you like the taste of wine, you probably drink it very often, and you are likely dealing with a lot of corks. Once you see cool wine bottle cork projects that are easy to do, you won’t think of getting rid of them.

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Have you ever done a project by using wine bottle corks? We’ll show you some projects to boost your inspiration, and I bet you’ll get to work recreating some of the wonderful looks. They are very versatile and can be used in different ways. It all depends on your preferences, so take a look at them and see which idea might work best for you.

Cute pots with wine bottle corks.

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Wine bottle corks to organize your accessories.

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A practical cup holder made from wine bottle corks.


Wine bottle corks to put notes in your office.

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Mirror with wine bottle corks to give a unique touch to your home.

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Nice tray with wine bottle corks for your living room.

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Opt for a candle holder made from wine bottle corks for your home.

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Beautiful curtain with wine bottle corks.

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You can make a birdhouse out of wine bottle corks.

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Key rings made from wine bottle corks.

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Use wine bottle corks to hold your potted plants.

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Nice bath mat made with wine bottle corks.

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