12 Christmas Front Door Decoration Ideas

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and you are probably already thinking about how you are going to decorate the entrance of your home this season.

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The entrance of our house plays an important role in Christmas decoration, since it is the first thing that visitors see when they arrive at our home.

Here are some ideas to decorate the front door of your house this Christmas.

1- Green and red garlands for the pillars at the entrance.

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2- Decoration with poinsettia flowers for the door.

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3- Golden pots of poinsettias on the doorstep.

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4- Large pots of poinsettias on the front steps.

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5- Large Poinsettia Door Wreath.

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6- Pine Wreaths and Garlands with Silver and Red Spheres.

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7- Crown and small pines with golden lights.

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8- Pine wreaths and garlands with spheres of different colors.

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9- Wreaths with poinsettia flowers and pine garland.

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10- Wreaths and garlands with green poinsettia flowers.

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11- Small natural pine trees and potted poinsettia flowers.

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12- Pots with poinsettia flowers, wreaths and small pines.

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