11 tips for building muscle every day without realizing it

Hello darlings!

It’s hard to find the motivation to play sports when it’s not your thing at all! Let’s be smart and then find devious ways to lose our calories without realizing it!

To do this, follow these 11 little tips!

1: do your cleaning thoroughly

Since it’s mandatory anyway, you might as well do it thoroughly to burn as much fat as possible.

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2: Go dancing in a nightclub

A fun and pleasant way to exercise without counting!

1 12

3: keep moving around while on the phone

Small smart tip! When you are on the phone, do not stay frozen and move around the street or circle around in your sanity until the end of your conversation.

2 14

4: Garden

Plantings, mower, etc. are effective ways to build muscle while looking after your home.

3 12

5: Make love

One of the coolest ways to exercise without realizing it!

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6: Do the windows

It’s a real sport that will quickly make you burn calories!


7: stay upright in public transport

Don’t complain when you can’t find a place! On the contrary, stay upright, straight, muscle your thighs and contract the glutes.

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8: Climb the stairs

A classic but very effective way. Ban the elevator!

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9: Contract Your Abs at Work

Every now and then throughout the day, contract and release your abs a few times. You will see the difference in a matter of weeks.

8 10

10: Do 10 minutes of exercise bike EVERYDAY

This tip is effective if you are very diligent and exercise every day. Put yourself in front of your series so that the time flies faster!

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11: Walk

On short trips, avoid taking the car and instead walk!

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Ready for a nice, well-muscled body?

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