11 small tattoos but with huge meanings

If you want to get a tattoo, the first thing you should focus on is finding one that has a deep meaning that will accompany you forever.

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Therefore, it is important to choose a tattoo that defines you, since it says a lot about your personality.

Below, we show you 11 small tattoo ideas and their meaning that you will love.

1- Flight and freedom

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Birds mean freedom embodied in full flight giving a sense of team and coordination to go far.

2- Small flower on the shoulder

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The flower will always give a feminine touch, and even more so when it is small and elegant. This flower symbolizes birth.

3- Triquetra symbol

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Known as « triquel », it symbolizes the divinity of women in the 3 dimensions. Another of its meanings is life, death and rebirth, as a continuous cycle.

4- Swallow Bird

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A swallow with open wings symbolizes freedom and lifelong love, as this bird chooses a mate forever.

5- Small clover

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A small clover symbolizes balance and unity, a symbol adopted in Ireland called a ” shamrock ” which is now fashionable in small female tattoos.

6- Three triangles

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The shape of the three triangles symbolizes the trinity, the union of the earth with the sky, representing divinity and harmony in proportion.

7- Cardinal points

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It means to always be oriented in life, and if you lose your way, you will be able to find it, it is a reminder that all is not lost.

8- Word « Believe »

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It is a classic word used in tattoos, just like the word “ love ” it has a very specific meaning, it is a reminder not to stop believing in yourself.

9- Small Map

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A design for lovers of travel and who remember their passion with a tattoo of the world on their forearm.

10- Paper plane

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It symbolizes the journey of life, and how we can move forward if we know how to appreciate it, a very beautiful image to tattoo on your back.

11- Treble clef

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A design for those who love music, it means enjoying the beauty of sound.

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