11 Indoor plants that do not require maintenance

No plant can live without basic care, water and light, but it is true that some plants need much less care than others.

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With these minimal needs covered, these 11 maintenance-free indoor plants will hardly need us. We can grow them at home without having to worry about them for weeks.

1-. The lucky bamboo, which is actually a Dracaena, only needs water and light, of the latter it is satisfied with a little, even if it is indirect.

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2-. The jade tree, Crassula ovata, can grow to the size of a small shrub and is very easy to grow indoors. It tolerates poor soils very well and conforms to partial or indirect light.

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3-. The elephant’s foot, nolina or bocarnea has the appearance of a palm tree, in fact many people believe that it is, but in reality it is a succulent of the liliaceae family. It grows slowly and tolerates dry environments very well.

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4-. Variegated pothos need bright environments but without direct light that would make them lose that characteristic color. It tolerates drought as well as humidity, although you should not overdo it with watering.

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5-. Sanseviera or mother-in-law’s tongue is an easy plant to grow. Very resistant to drought, it allows us a long margin when it comes to remembering to water it.

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6-. Zamioculca is a tropical plant native to East Asia. It needs little light and can grow anywhere. Its thick, shiny leaves are very decorative.

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7-. The ribbon or ribbons, Chlorophytum comosum , is a tremendously easy plant to grow. It can be adapted to any situation and is very easy to reproduce.

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8-. The cheflera, Schefflera actinophylla , is very common in offices and homes. It is a very decorative and large plant. You need light and monitor the irrigation.

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9-. Aloe vera needs practically nothing, only light, although it can also grow in the shade and a little water very occasionally.

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10-. The spatiphyllum stands out for its large leaves and its characteristic white flowers that rise above. It does not need much light and humid environments are good for it, a good plant to decorate the bathroom.

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11-. Diefembaquia works very well for houses with little light. Maintain the soil and the humid environment and a moderate average temperature.

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