11 ideas of outdoor grills or barbecues

Built-in barbecues are an excellent idea to have a modern terrace, as they are very versatile due to the amount of materials you can use to build them. A construction barbecue consists of building a barbecue based on various materials and supplies such as wood, bricks, concrete, majolica, porcelain, steel plates, etc.

These built-in barbecues are widely used on terraces, country houses or outdoor spaces, since most of them work with firewood or charcoal. Depending on the design, you can include an oven, a space for firewood, a space for your utensils and a fireplace.

Here we show you 11 ideas of built-in barbecues, models that will be of great help if you are looking to have a barbecue on your terrace.

1.- Outdoor barbecue built of brick, it has a space to make meats, a space to place firewood and utensils.

1 24

2.- Built-in barbecue made of concrete and steel.

2 18

3.- Barbecue made of exposed brick, it has an oven and ample spaces to place firewood.

3 19

4.- Modern and elegant built barbecue, it has shelves to place firewood and others.

4 14

5.- Barbecue made of brick work, it has a wide space and a roof to be more comfortable when you are using it.

5 14

6.- Built-in barbecue next to a swimming pool, built of brick, is ideal for summer days.

6 16

7.- Built-in barbecue next to a beautiful garden, finished with a wooden floor and brick-style majolica wall.

7 13

8.- Barbecue for a country house, in a beautiful cabin, a cozy space.

8 13

9.- Barbecue built of brick, it has a space for grills, a laundry room and a kitchen for other foods.

9 11

10.- Built-in barbecue next to a campfire, large terrace with barbecue, campfire and food consumption bar.

10 11

11.- Rustic style barbecue, has a space decorated with an old bicycle and plants.

11 9

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