11 Ideas for making centerpieces and bags of sweets with chocolates

The chocolates or marshmallows are being used a lot to make beautiful topiaries or centerpieces that decorate the event we are celebrating, we can also make small bags with them, we just have to stick some figurines in foami, and we will have a nice souvenir for our guests .

We want you to see these 11 ideas of what the centerpieces and souvenirs with chocolates look like.

Remember that we can get chocolates in different sizes and colors , which help us to make figures such as bunnies, flowers, etc.

We need the following materials:

Cellophane sachets
Tags depending on the theme


1.- Baby bottles with chocolates

A nice souvenir that you can easily make are these mini bottles, they are cheap, and decorating it with ribbon or some baby shower label will be nice, fill it with mini chocolates or chocolates.

1 25

2.- Centerpieces with chocolates

For baby showers or girls’ birthdays, you can make cute chocolate topiaries.
Opt to use glass jars and fill them with candy in shades of pink.
Use a stick or thick skewer to put a Styrofoam ball, in that ball you will stick the chocolates (to stick them, use toothpicks).
You can also make bags of chocolates in the shape of a skewer and put them in a wicker basket, these will look cute on your candy table, decorate the basket with tulle.

2 19

3.- Sweet bags

With cellophane bags, make a nice bouquet of chocolates to give on your birthday. Use wooden skewers to insert the chocolate flowers.

3 20

4.- Crown-shaped centerpieces for princesses

Use a wooden box to make the centerpiece, put a piece of foam inside the box and insert the chocolate skewers. Decorate the wooden box with diamond foam, you can make figures of a princess crown, little shoes etc.

4 15

5.- Candy bags with colored chocolates

5 15

6.- You can also do it with bags of sweets

6 17

7.- Recycle glass jars
Make pom-pom-shaped paper flowers, decorate your jar with these flowers, and you will easily have a beautiful centerpiece.

7 14

8.- Pompoms to decorate the candy table

8 14
  1. centerpieces for baby shower boy
9 12

10.- Bags of chocolates decorated with figures of elegant foami

10 12

11.- Base to put the bags of chocolates or sweets

11 10

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