11 Home and Garden Uses for Eggshells

What if we stop throwing eggshells in the trash ? This could really be useful for us to facilitate household chores, but also to take care of our green spaces.

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You will save a considerable amount of time in the maintenance of your home. An economic trick, simple and with many uses.

1- A natural stain remover

Thanks to its abrasive texture, it fights against these inconveniences embedded in the fabric. To do this, simply spray it on the affected area and add a layer of warm water. Pass a rag and voila.

2- An original decoration

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With a little creativity, you can turn these small minerals into real jewels for your decoration. Take large pieces of shell and express your artistic side.

3- A natural fertilizer

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Sprinkle these nutrient – rich minerals into a hole in the ground. Then place the plants you want to grow there. Eggshells are completely biodegradable and contain organic matter such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium.

4- Say goodbye to slugs and snails!

It has the power to protect against slugs and snails that invade our plants.

5- Eco-clean your pots and pans

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Once the shells are crushed, you must add them to the soapy water. This will make the product more powerful in removing grease stains.

6- A powerful fertilizer

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Compost doubles its power if you add eggshells to it. Crush them and mix them. The amount should be 750 to 800 ml.

7- Whiter clothes

It is useful to mix them in powder form with lemon for bedding and linens.

8- Clean the pipes

Mix powdered eggshells with dish soap and hot water.

9- Small express mask

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Crush eggshells and add to moisturizing oil of your choice. Rub your skin gently and voila.

10- To keep bees away from your garden

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These minerals have a repellent action against insects fond of fruits and vegetables.

11- Essential Nutrients

Eggshells are packed with calcium, an essential nutrient for bone health. Their consumption is possible, they are only rinsed well and boiled for about 15 minutes to eliminate any harmful bacteria.

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