10 Vegetables that grow very well in the hot season

Summer can be considered the season for gardening, but for some vegetables, summer is just too hot.

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Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and lettuce, as well as herbs like cilantro and parsley, love the short, cool days of spring and fall.

Here are some vegetables that grow very well in the hot season:

1- Sweet potato

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Sweet potatoes love warm weather, but they require a long growing season. Sweet potato vines are excellent for ground cover. In the heat they will produce long vines, so make sure you give them plenty of room in the garden. If vines grow “ out of bounds ”, simply cut off the ends or roll them into beds to contain them.

2- Pepper

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Bell peppers thrive in warm temperatures and just a few plants can produce a surprising abundance of bell peppers perfect for pizza toppings or homemade sauce. These are some of the easiest vegetables to grow.

3- Sunflower

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Ideal for pollinators, these amazing flowers come in all shapes and sizes and do well in the heat. The towering plants sometimes reach 3m in height and produce tons of seeds.

4- Zucchini and Summer Squash

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Zucchini and summer squash are some of the most productive plants you can grow and they love warm weather. Harvest when the fruits are still small for the best flavor.

5- Chard

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This vegetable can be harvested small for use in salads, eaten in stir-fries, or used in place of spinach in various dishes. For more color, opt for Swiss chard which has dark green leaves and red, pink, white, yellow and orange stems.

6- Okra

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If you’re a fan of okra, this is a great option when temperatures soar. It can be direct sown through July and is great for making classics like fried okra or adding to your own soups and stews. Harvest the pods when they are no more than 9 cm long.

7- Green Bean

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Green beans tolerate heat well and mature quickly, making them ideal for succession plantings. If you’re short on space, look for climbing varieties to plant directly in the garden.

8- Eggplant

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Eggplants are much more productive in hot weather, and they are easy to grow. Provide them with full sun and plenty of water.

9- Cucumber

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Plant cucumbers in your garden to eat them fresh or to make your own pickles. There are climbing varieties that are perfect for container gardening and varieties that will cover a trellis or support.

10- Corn

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Corn is one of the best plants to handle hot, dry weather. Plant in squares large enough to ensure wind cross-pollination, or plant several rows side by side.

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