10 Super Cute and Elegant Christmas Nail Designs

The Christmas is just around the corner, and surely all want to look beautiful that special night, so the nails play an important role.

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There are many ideas to achieve a festive manicure without looking exaggerated, for example, the Christmas nail designs that you can find here will enchant you.

  1. Santa Claus hats
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Innovate the classic French technique with red details that refer to the Christmas hats of Santa Claus. It is a very fun and simple idea.

  1. Red and Gold
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There are no colors that go better in the holidays than red and gold. Its perfect intonation will make you shine anywhere.

  1. Christmas Wine and Silhouettes
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For a more mature look, use a burgundy varnish base and add small silver or white Christmas-shaped accents to a pair of nails.

  1. Pink
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Adapt this amazing feminine color to Christmas style. If you combine it with stripes and snowflakes, you will achieve a very chic and wintery result.

  1. Gray and Snow
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A very simple suggestion, and quick to do, is to put gray varnish to finish adding snow flakes.

  1. Starry Night
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Change the literal Christmas concept a bit, and represent a starry sky in your manicure. It looks very nostalgic and original.

  1. French
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Definitely the French technique can never be left behind, so use it as always, but with golden Christmas figurines.

  1. Black and White
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Keep feeling really tough even at Christmas. Apply a black varnish and then add snowflakes that stand out.

  1. Green
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Despite being a difficult color to wear, you can really look very classy with it at Christmas. You should only lean towards figures such as a tree or a sphere.

  1. Glitter Snowflakes
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With the help of snowflake stickers and a bit of glitter, you will achieve a magical winter-themed manicure. Perfect to combine any outfit.

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