10 Ideas to take advantage of the stairwell

Having a staircase at home is a luxury ; And it is that in addition to the fact that this implies that our home has more than one floor, we obtain an extra space that, well seen and well used, can become one of the most special corners of our home, the stairwell .

We can use this space to adapt a small reading corner . A kind of sofa or bed where we can enjoy the most exciting readings, or simply to rest after eating.

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If the space is large enough, a section that functions as a closet can also be incorporated. The ideal place to hang the jackets or bags that we use during this season.

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If we are not afraid of construction, one option we like is to build a bathroom in the stairwell . The truth is that it is ideal, because we win one more bathroom and also take advantage of this space that perhaps otherwise would be unused. Perfect for visitors who will not have to go upstairs to go to the bathroom.

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The most common uses don’t necessarily have to be bad; And it is that using the stairwell as a shelf can be very useful for all those who accumulate books as a hobby. A good bespoke shelf allows us to take advantage of all the space, as well as being a decorative plus for that part of the house.

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Other options join this space to the rest of the room. If we have an open dining room, we can always place the sofa under the stairs, thus taking advantage of the corner and giving more meters to the rest of the room.

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In addition, it can also be the ideal place to place the television or even to build a fireplace.

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If you work at home, the stairwell can be perfect to organize a home office , where we can work quietly.

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A wide but open space that will not give us that feeling of claustrophobia that a closed space can give us.

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We love the idea of ​​improvising a storage space and a seat at the same time, for example using a horizontal chest of drawers and a mattress on top of it.

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If your space is small, don’t despair. This little corner can become an ideal place to store jackets, backpacks or even shoes. You just have to know how to adapt it.

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