10 Ideas to paint your bathroom and make it look more spacious

If you want to give your bathroom a new look , an excellent option is to paint the walls. But what if your bathroom is small? Then you will love these ideas to make it look more spacious and modern.

If it is too small, try painting the walls nude and match the dark floor. It can be wood or some warm, contrasting color.

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White can give your bathroom a lot of light . Try to keep your furniture dark and you will notice an interesting combination.

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Play with contrasts and divide your walls in two. Here you can choose strong and vivid colors, and leave the bottom part clear. It will add depth to your bathroom.

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Also try horizontal lines in pastel and nude tones.

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You can also opt for patterns on the floor.

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If you want you can use a darker tone but that is only on one wall. The rest I recommend that they be white.

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Using light blue tones will help you make your bathroom look spacious and feel very relaxed.

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Adding patterns to your ceiling will make it look much taller.

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You can try something more discreet on the walls with the same shade.

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Also try to give the floor depth with little contrasting dots.

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