10 Ideas to Decorate your House with Stones

Nowadays, people try to be much closer to nature. For this reason, including decorative elements made with things that we can find in nature can be of great help.

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However, today we will focus on river stones, a material that you can easily find on any surface of water. Due to the great diversity of shapes and sizes, not to mention the number of color patterns, each piece will be different, but together they will be able to form amazing things.

That is why today we share some ideas on how to include river stones in the decoration of our house, making them look elegant and functional at the same time:

With some stones and a metal container you can make decorative planters.

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Simple, but tremendously effective.

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Beautiful placemats.

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For rainy days, you can use a tray with river stones to dry your shoes.

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Your candles will never look so beautiful.

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Individual tablecloths like these will give a very distinguished touch to your table.

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They may be simple, but they convey serenity and elegance.

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Beautiful photo frame that you can put anywhere.

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A fantastic decorative invention to keep the soil cool for plants.

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You can make cute figures to hold the doors.

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