10 Ideas for your Laundry Room with a lot of style

The washing area does not have to be a simple place. The truth is that there are many solutions to create a space integrated with your decoration.

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Today we will give you some ideas, from materials for your walls to accessories such as shelves or shelves. Discover everything you can do to make your laundry area look good.

Hide the laundry area with style

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If you don’t want to mix your washer and / or dryer with the rest of the house. If you do not want it to be seen in the bathroom or in any other room, do not hesitate, put doors on it. Yes, both washer and dryer can be conveniently stored in a closet that will close its doors when not in use.

Washing area in the bathroom

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If you do not like the idea of ​​having the washing machine in sight, there are ways to integrate them into spaces such as the bathroom. You can divide the washing area and the toilet area with a wall. In addition, if the space is small, there are also small-sized bathroom furniture to fit perfectly into the space.


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You not only need storage for laundry products, but also for dirty clothes or even to store them once they are dry and before ironing. Use low furniture and also shelves that allow you to have the most important things in sight and at hand.


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In addition to painting your walls, you can also use wallpaper. Be careful, not all papers are suitable for wet areas. It is necessary to be informed and find special products that do not deteriorate when being in that environment.

Wooden deck

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If you want to add a warm touch to that area of ​​your house, you can choose to place a nice wooden deck.

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