10 Ideas for a Down the Staircase Playhouse

When buying a playhouse you will spend a lot of money, in addition to that it will take up a lot of space in your patio or garden.

We will show you ideas to make it yourself, and it is also a great option for you to take advantage of the space under the stairs. I bet the little ones will love and enjoy their new playground with these fancy designs.

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Next, we show you several ideas of playhouses with which you will save money, since you can use recycled material, and you will also take advantage of the space under the stairs.

You can use paint to give it the look of a house.

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Attach details with recycled wood and paint.

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You can choose to put potted flowers on the windows.

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Add cute lights for a special touch.

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Combine the colors white and blue to make it look beautiful.

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Give a unique touch to the playhouse with wood.

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You can make the playhouse in the shape of a tree trunk.

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You can choose to draw plants and animals.

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You can put tiles to make it look more real.

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Decorate it for Christmas with pretty Christmas decorations.

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