10 Gold Nail Designs to Ring in the New Year

This color symbolizes light , so it is a great color to use and receive all your energy to receive the year.

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Here are some ideas for gold nail designs to say goodbye and ring in the year.

  1. With White
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White and gold go very well together, so you can combine them and put only 1 or 2 gold nails so as not to saturate.

  1. French
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So that your hands do not show excess color, you can place a gold line very French style.

  1. Stripes
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A more elegant option is that you only add a golden line, they will have the Christmas touch but without saturating it.

  1. Gold with Glitter
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If you want to give your nails more shine, try to have a high shine to make it look more Christmas.

  1. Contour
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Another of the golden nail designs to welcome the new year is that the gold only goes around the nail as if you were contouring it.

  1. Brightness
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You can use a varnish that only adds golden glitter to a part of your nail and they will look very nice to ring in the new year.

  1. Waves
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This nail trend is very fashionable, so you can use the gold around you to show them off.

  1. Figures
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You can play with the geometric figures, either in the middle of the nail or towards the edges.

  1. High Brightness
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You can try that your nails are full of shine and color to attract more the energy of their power.

  1. Stamps
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No matter what design you choose, you can add a touch of glitter prints.

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