10 Fruit Trees You Can Plant In Pots

Few elements can give character to a garden like fruit trees . Fruit trees can be planted in pots as long as they have a small rhizome (roots).

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The great advantage of these trees is that they produce fruit in about 3-5 years , whereas larger versions of the same fruit take 6-8 years to bear fruit. The space of your garden , patio , balcony or even entrance is no excuse to stop planting.

Peach tree

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It can be planted all year round if you buy it in a container, but if you want to buy it bare-rooted, plant it in early spring , after the first frosts, or in fall. Another option is to germinate the peach seeds to preserve your tree.

Pear tree

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This tree adapts to many climates and conditions, but also in environments with some humidity. This plant is very resistant to cold, although not very hot .

Apple tree

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One of the quintessential potted fruit trees . Although the apple tree grows much less in a pot, its fruits still grow just as large , so you will have a source of delicious apples in the smallest spaces.

Lemon tree

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One of the most commonly found lemon trees in large pots on terraces or balconies . These trees do not require excessive care and allow you to enjoy the flavor of some lemons as you have rarely tasted. You need a slightly acidic soil , for which you can add a loam base to the substrate .


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The medlar can reach up to 10 m in height , but do not worry, in your pots it will not achieve that much . It is a fruit tree that does not need too much water and needs fertilization in its growth phases , especially with potassium and phosphorus , but it also appreciates nitrogen .


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It reaches a maximum height of 6 m , but generally remains more or less 2 m (if grown in a pot). Bet on soils rich in clay , sand and humus .

Apricot tree

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Imagine a delicious peach jam prepared with your personal harvest, it sounds good, don’t you think? These trees need soft, moist soil . When the seeds begin to germinate, drill a hole 6 to 7 cm deep and plug it in.


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Dwarf prunes are easy to grow , which is why this tree is ideal for your garden or on a deck. It will be necessary to prune it from time to time to control the size of the tree and prevent it from getting out of control, they need a warm climate with good lighting.


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Having a cherry tree will give you a lot of pleasure in spring, because in the flowering period it is a spectacle . To grow easily, they need a temperate climate and little water, although the soil must always be moist. It supports low temperatures better than high temperatures , so avoid being in full sun in areas with very hot summers.


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To be able to grow the quince , you only need a sunny place (she likes hot weather a lot) and outdoors. You need to water it well , but also pay attention to drainage so that it never gets flooded . It is important to promote their growth in the spring by adding fertilizer and a fresh compost mix after winter.

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