10 easy tips to grow a lemon tree in a pot

Surely you have thought about having a lemon plant that perfumes the whole house with that pleasant and fresh lemon aroma.

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You only need the plant, a pot and the soil. Then, it only requires some special care, but don’t worry, they are not that complicated, it will just take some time.

You can buy the plant or you can read our article on how to grow a lemon plant from scratch.

When you already have your plant in the pot, we recommend you follow these 10 tips to grow your lemon tree:

1 – As soon as you plant it, you can put organic substrate on it so that it grows strong and healthy. You can buy it at any gardening shop.

2 – This plant needs 6 hours of sunlight, neither more nor less. With those hours, we make it perfectly nourished and the plant grows strongly.

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3 – We have to use a large pot because as our plant grows, the roots are also growing. If the roots are compressed by the little space, the plant stops growing.

4 – Irrigation is very important, it is recommended to water it twice a day. Always trying not to puddle, this could kill her.

5 – As it grows, we have to prune our plant. If it has many branches and leaves, it will distribute more nutrients than it can absorb.

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6 – When you can, remove a little soil from around the plant and mix it with compost. It helps a lot to strengthen it.

7 – We can have the lemon tree inside our house for much of the year, the bad thing is that it will not grow fast enough, but it will be fine.

8 – It is necessary to transplant it, we can wait 2 or 3 years to change its pot. Also, we can change the soil to add more fertilizer or mix it with more organic substrate.

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9 – When it is winter and the frosts come, we must be very careful because it can kill the plant. The ideal would be to keep it inside for a few days until the cold passes.

10 – When leaving it in the sun, try to pick a place less windy. This plant does not like it and will become stressed.

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