10 Christmas Decoration Ideas with Golden Spheres

Gold is synonymous with elegance, and it is one of the classic colors at Christmas. If you love this hue, use different sized Christmas balls for quick and easy decorations.

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In addition to using golden spheres on Christmas trees or wreaths, you can use them to create centerpieces. You can also combine the spheres with other colored ones and add other Christmas elements such as: pine cones, ribbons, bells, etc.

1.- Large glass containers with golden spheres.

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2.- Tree with golden spheres of different shapes and sizes.

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3.- Crown of pine branches with bow, letters and golden spheres.

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4.- Glass vases with golden and silver spheres and pine cones.

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5.- Glass containers with golden and silver spheres.

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6.- Crown with golden spheres of different sizes.

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7.- Tree with large golden spheres, poinsettias, etc.

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8.- Glass containers with golden spheres and brown spheres.

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9.- Large glass goblets with golden spheres of different designs.

9 25

10.- Different glass containers with golden and beige spheres.

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