10 beautiful DIY shelves you should have in your bathroom

Nothing like having everything at hand and making your bathroom look neat and clean. That’s why we gather these ideas shelves you can do or get easily. This will help you organize your bathroom.

1. Some hanging shelves will serve you for toilet paper, towels or whatever comes to mind.

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2. Use magnets and mason jars to keep your makeup and toothbrush on hand.

2 7

3. Circular shelves look great.

3 6

4. Hang some baskets on your towel racks and make better use of the space.

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5. A wooden shelf will give a very warm look to your bathroom.

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6. The decoration stairs have been used a lot and are super functional.

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7. Paint some wooden boxes and use them for your shampoos and soaps.

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8. Another idea that will look great in your small bathroom.

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9. And don’t be afraid to innovate in unique ways, either.

10 6

10. Place shelves inside a piece of furniture, it will be quite functional.

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