10 Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Christmas decoration is something very special. Some people start decorating and planning Christmas decorations as early as October. Every space in the home is important, including the bathroom.

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There are many simple and cute ideas for decorating the bathroom. The important thing is not to overdo it and find the balance.

1.- Place small pines of different designs.

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2.- You can place a poinsettia and red towels.

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3.- Place a small pine tree with canes and fabric stars.

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4.- Place a wooden lantern and white boots.

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5.- You can place glass containers with colored spheres.

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6.- Place a crown with berries.

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7.- You can place rolls of toilet paper with pine branches and ribbon.

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8.- Put white and blue snowflakes.

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9.- Place a pinito, red towels and a pine garland.

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10.- Put a tray, a pinito and a red vase with pine branches.

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