10 Amazing Christmas Decorations with Hoops

The hoops of any material (metal, plastic or wood), can be an excellent option to create a fabulous Christmas arrangement.

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The first thing you should do is attach the hoop to a base. If it is made of wood, just use a small nail or screw. If it is made of another material, you can choose to use a floral foam base and fix it with clips or wires. Once you have checked that the hoop is straight and stands on its own, the rest is just to decorate it with Christmas flair.

How to decorate the hoop:

Use a series of lights to surround the hoop and some spheres to hang from the top.
If you like the rustic look, tie some natural pine branches or moss in one part of the hoop.
Decorate the base by lining it with moss or cotton and add some simple embellishments.
Use spheres to decorate the ring by sticking them only in one part of it.

1.- Ring with red and silver spheres , lights and wooden base .

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2.- Ring with pine branches , spheres and lights .

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3.- Ring with white feathers , pine trees and spheres of different designs .

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4.- Ring with red and gold spheres , Christmas Eve and letters .

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5.- Golden ring with artificial moss , pine trees and snowman .

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6.- Ring with pine branches , small pine trees and lights .

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7.- Ring with spheres , artificial moss , pine cones and reindeer .

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8.- Ring with red and silver spheres , pine branches and ribbon .

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9.- Ring with silver spheres , lights and reindeer .

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10.- Ring with figures of pines , house and wooden reindeer .

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